There are three tracks of different levels in the adventure park:


Track for children and warm up

15 obstackles - ment for children of 6 - 7 years and those who are for the first time in the high ropes adventure park. This is the part of the park where one is under stricter control of instructor and learns all necessary skills for the high ropes. 


Fitness track

15 obstacles - for those who wish to overcome more difficult obsatcles in a higher altitude and train theyr strength and agility


Adventure track

25 obstacles - ment for those who wish to enjoy real adventures. This is the longest and most difficult track. The adventure - seekers who have done this trail have proved theyr agility and courage.

All three tracks starts and ends on the ground. The obstacles are placed 0,2 - 16 m high. The longest Tyrolean descend is 250 m long. Special extreme feelings are made by free fall at the end of Fitness and Adveture trails.


With the entrance card of the park one can enjoy all the tracks for three hours. It is possible to manage them all in two hours and afterwards repeat going through the favourite ones.

Before entering the tracks the visitors must sign the Contract of Adventure park and must have done the trainig by the instructor. The instrucotr will teach all the necessary procedures for the safety and usage of equipment.