Price per night per cottage

Beds:   M, Tu, W, Th   Fr, Sa, Su
4 beds:   65 EUR   70 EUR
5 beds:   71 EUR   77 EUR
Forest house   210 EUR   210 EUR
Blueberry house   210 EUR   210 EUR

Price for the sauna and tub:

2 hours   45 EUR
each next hour   15 EUR
Night   110 EUR
Hot water tub + firewood   80,00 + 15,00 EUR
Preheating of the tub (if necessary)   25,00 EUR

Booking: +371 26 400 200, e-mail

(Meals not included, no self-cooking possible, possible to order meals from cafe)

Booking: a booking fee in amount of 50% of total bill will be required upon booking

In case of booking cancellation at least 7 days before the day of arrival - 70% of the booking fee can be returned

In case of no show or later than 7 days or in 7th day before arrival cancellation, the booking fee will not be returned

The sauna is located in a separate house - with a cousy room for small parties and recreation and the sauna itself. Sauna is ment for up to 8 people.

With help of EU funds